Lezing bij Patagonia Amsterdam op 18 november

Op 18 november geef ik een lezing over Denali Rescue bij Patagonia in Amsterdam.

De voordracht is in het Engels.
Er is plek voor vijftig toeschouwers, geef je op via deze link: Eventbride.

Menno Boermans

Along with stunning pictures Patagonia Snow Ambassador Menno Boermans will tell gripping (and at times humorous) stories about his job as a mountain rescue medic on Denali, Northern America’s highest mountain. On assignment of the National Park Service and supported by Patagonia he joined a patrol of Denali Rescue Volunteers this year for the fourth time.

Together with five other rescuers and rangers he spent five weeks on the Alaskan glaciers and jumped into action when climbers got injured by altitude sickness, frostbite, hypothermia or exhaustion. The Dutchman, now living in the Swiss Alps, loves the idea that with combining his passions for backcountry skiing, high altitude mountaineering and emergency medicine, he actually can help people in need.

Doors will open from 6.30pm with the lecture starting at 7pm

Beers and Snacks will be provided.

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